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Creative Computing, Inc. Turbo Charges Cognos Training

Creative Computing, Inc. (CCI) is proud to announce its newly restructured Cognos training program. CCI has been delivering high quality Cognos training for years, training thousands of users on ground breaking tools like Cognos 8, ReportNet, Impromptu, and PowerPlay. Starting in August, Creative Computing rolls out its new course materials for Cognos 8.4 using an entirely new format, course outlines, and a broader array of customization options.

With the economy being tight, many customers are looking to take on more of the development efforts around Cognos solutions themselves. Hence training is becoming increasingly important to help ensure a well designed, high performance B.I. system. In response to this dynamic CCI is offering more courses as well as enhancing course content to bring students a richer understanding of the Cognos tools as well as how best to use them.

CCI Courses available for Cognos 8 in 2009 include:

  • Framework Manager – 5 days
  • Intro to Report Studio – 3 days
  • Advanced Report Studio – 2 days
  • Analysis Studio – 1 day
  • Query Studio – 1 day
  • PowerPlay 8 Transformer (OLAP) – 4 days
All courses are delivered on-site and include full color text books. Training is conducted on the customer’s system in a classroom within their facility. Formal classroom training can be held for up to 12 students in a class, however all courses can be taught as Mentorships. These are small, informal sessions where an instructor will work with up to three students simultaneously to walk them through the course materials and exercises at their own pace, and deviate as needed to address specific questions about their own application of the tools at their own company. This can be a more cost effective approach when a firm has only a few students who need to be trained.

The new courses can be customized to suite each client’s purposes, including rebuilding the workshops so they are based on the customer’s own data and reflect typical types of reports the students will be expected to create. Courses can be compressed or mixed together to suite a unique audience.

Finally, CCI now offers a totally new training option which provides many of the advantages of a customized course at a lower cost. We call it “Freestyling”. This is a course delivered using our standard courseware but with one extra day added on. During that day the instructor will connect to the client’s data and work jointly with the students to build reports etc on the fly which could be used as is or as a starting point to build on when class is over. The goal is to take the techniques learned during the class and apply them directly to their own data and their own jobs. The effect is powerful and has helped accelerate user adoption.

As always, CCI’s instructors are our own highly experienced Cognos B.I. professionals, having spent years designing and developing B.I. solutions for some of the most successful companies in the world. This experience brings a richness to the classroom which can not be matched by straight book-taught instructors. It is this richness which distinguishes CCI as a training option.

If you are anticipating a Cognos training need in 2009 and would like to learn more about the options available to you from Creative Computing, Inc. please click here.

We’re happy to be of service to you in ensuring the success of your next Cognos project.

Ken Gustin
Creative Computing, Inc.
Telephone: 401-727-2400

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